Rural entrepreneurship is the most sustainable solution for growth, employment and social integration in rural communities. Entrepreneurship is seen as the ability to initiate and realize something new in a legally organized framework and to find creative solutions for the purpose of obtaining production, selling it and, implicitly, making profit.

Sectors with a high potential for strengthening rural entrepreneurship are:
agriculture, processing of agricultural products, basic services and tourism. In rural areas, entrepreneurship focuses on the development of agriculture. Soil is a very important way of living.

This project aims to educate adults to become entrepreneurs through producing and valorising medicinal and aromatic plants. We are presenting all the needed information for establishing an rural enterprise or vegetal farm in our manual and curricula. We invite you to use them in order to improve your life or your fellow’s life!

  • If you are an adult that wants to increase the quality of life for yourself and for the family, you just have to apply the information from the manual. Now it’s the right time to become your own boss, get started in the field of rural entrepreneurship to secure a safe job and income for you and your family. Unlike traditional cereals farming, cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants
    is an increasingly profitable activity. Stores of herbal products are growing, consumers, especially those in the urban area, are consuming more and more medicinal and aromatic herbs. You can start from the small free field in your own household, or in extended fields, or you can rent lands in your community! All you need is just to desire to work!
  • If you are a trainer, an adult educator, you can teach other people how to work with the beautiful domain of the medicinal and aromatic plant, by applying the curricula that you can find in the section “Intellectual Outputs”.

Many of us have begun to understand the benefits of the products made from medicinal and aromatic plants and to focus on both the consumption of herbal teas and herbal products and homeopaths, as well as the use of cosmetics or food supplements.

Let’s help each other!

If you have a land produce good raw material! There are so many fellows around you that need your medicinal and aromatic plants!

If you are a good teacher, educate you fellows to obtain income and to produce good medicinal and aromatic plants!

We will support each one of you with our manual and curricula!

In this manual you will learn how to start your own business in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants. You will learn about the legal framework of organization for rural entrepreneurship so that you can choose what form fits you the most. You will find relevant information about organic agriculture in case that you will consider to certificate your products and maximize your profit. We present you 20 case studies of herbs from spontaneous flora that are in danger of disappearance, so that you can choose to start your business by cultivating this herbs in organized cultures and you will know exactly what to do in order to obtain good quality products.

In the end, we will teach you how to prepare your business plan in order to finance your business and to learn how to establish your goals and how to reach great results. Also, you will get your inspiration from successful case studies and business ideas in the domain of medicinal and aromatic plant production.

This manual and training course curriculum that ensures practical application of this manual were developed with the support of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships Key
Action 2 programme project “Education in rural entrepreneurship through producing and valorising of medicinal and aromatic plants”, 2016-1-RO01-KA204-024635.