Rural Entrepreneurship is the most sustainable solution for growth, employment and social integration in rural communities. Entrepreneurship is seen as the ability to initiate and realize something new in a legally organized framework and to find creative solutions for the purpose of obtaining production, selling it and, implicitly, making profit.

Education is a MUST for success in entrepreneurship!

In rural areas, entrepreneurship focuses on the development of agriculture. Soil is a very important way of living.

This project aims to educate adults to become entrepreneurs through producing and valorizing medicinal and aromatic plants. We are presenting all the needed information for establishing a rural enterprise or vegetal farm in our Manual, Curriculum and a movie, that you can find in the section “Intellectual Outputs”.

This project’s results are for:

  • adults who wants to increase the quality of their life. Now it’s the right time to become your own boss, get started in the field of rural entrepreneurship to secure a safe job and income for you and your family. You can start with a small free land in your own household or you can rent lands in your community;
  • trainers or adult educator, that can teach other people how to work with the beautiful domain of the medicinal and aromatic plant;
  • anybody else that wants to find information about medicinal and aromatic plants.

Let’s help each other!